Todd Lubar: A Man Of Quality Lending In Residential Sector

Todd Lubar is an acclaimed real-estate industry player based in Baltimore, and many borrowers in and around Baltimore has made use of his services to make their dream home come true. He understands the mortgage industry better than anyone else considering his long years of experience in the industry and deep exposures to various industry procedures and market trends. Considering the recent wake of real estate sector in Baltimore, he is ready to help with the customers with the best solutions available in the market.

According to About.Me, Todd started his real estate career after graduating from Syracuse University in speech communication in 1995. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a Loan Originator, and during the period, he learned the various procedures and complexities of mortgage lending. He made an excellent rapport with financial planners, CPAs, real estate agents, and insurance agents and currently, they serve as the best source of his referrals. In 1999, he joined Legacy Financial Group as Equity Manager, which helped him to expand his knowledge base further. With the expertise in the lending sector, he could supply broker loans outside lenders and sold loans like a mortgage bank.

After few years, he founded Legendary Properties, LLC., a residential property firm to provide high-quality housing from single family unit to 20 unit properties. It also focused on purchasing, renovating, and selling with better value. The period also helped Todd to understand the deeply about the construction sectors and residential market. With that knowledge, he opened Charter Funding as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. During the course, Todd learned that there was a group of deserving people, who couldn’t get mortgage loans in the conventional methods. To serve them, he decided to set up Legendary Financial, LLC, as an affiliate to Legendary Properties. Through the firm, he lends to various individuals and firms who are overlooked by conventional lenders. With his deep knowledge in lending sector, he could easily find the deserving borrowers. By 2008, he diversified his services further to demolition business and scrap metal recycling.

Todd is currently serving as the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. He is also working as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. He remarkably helped the Maryland Office of Legacy Financial to grow to several million dollars loans in every year during the tenure he worked there. He was also ranked by crunchbase as one of top 25 mortgage loan originators in the country for many years. His experience and expertise in various industries have helped him to understand various risk factors associated with it, and that helps him to excel in any industry.


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