The Growth of Roberto Santiago’s Business Empire

Roberto Santiago is prominent Brazilian business mogul who has been successful in the shopping mall business. He is now 56 years old and lives in Joao Pessoa, which is his hometown. Santiago has been venturing in various business undertakings for over three decades. His first enterprise was a cartonnage firm that he founded it using saving from his job in a café. The company enabled him to generate a lot of income and also gain experience in running enterprises. Santiago studied at the Pio X-Marist College and then joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa to complete his undergraduate studies. He has used the business knowledge that he acquired from the two institutions to be highly successful.

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Roberto is the founder and sole owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall, which he constructed from 1987 to 1989. The business center has attracted hundreds of thousands of shoppers for the past 28 years that it has been operational. It is also regularly modernized so as to fulfill the changing needs of the customers in the city. Mr. Santiago has increased the size of the business center about five times so that it can accommodate the rising population of Joao Pessoa. The shopping mall is reliable since it hosts a wide array of enterprises, and they include a concert hall, finance institutions, a cinema, a gaming zone, and shopping stores,

In 2013, Mr. Roberto Santiago launched the Domus Hall on the rooftop of the Manaira Shopping. The facility is huge, and it is hired by the city’s residents to hold gigs such as exhibitions, music show, wedding, seminars, and many other events. It has a holding capacity of about 10,000 people. The sound quality and air conditions systems of the hall are outstanding. Most of the individuals in the city love visiting Manaira due to the entertainment that it offers. Its movie theaters are very modern, and the gaming zones have a couple of fun activities.

Manaira Shopping is also famous for the delicious cuisine that is offered at its food court. Several restaurants have been established at the place, and they allow the shopper to have any meals that they would prefer. The cafés that are in the food court range from cheap bistros to expensive eateries such as Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse, Espacio, and Waynes. The shopping stores that are housed at Manaira Shopping ensure that customers can access a wide variety of products. The College of Higher Education of Paraiba has a branch at the mall. The Brazilian businessman is also the owner of a modern business center that is known as Mangeria Shopping. The place was opened in 2013, and it offers top-notch facilities that fulfill the varying needs of the shoppers. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.