The Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman J. Pattiz

Norman Pattiz refers to the Executive Chairperson of the PodcastOne. He has been exercising the role in the company since the June of the year 2016 up to date. Before this, he served at the same company as the Chief Executive Officer. His fame is broadly alongside turning out to be the owner as well as the founder of Westwood One Inc. whose establishment happened in 1974 with him being its CEO.

Norman also occupied the presidential position at the Broadcast Education Board. At the moment, he has connections to the 7-panel member occupations in seven groups in five different industrial firms.

The outcomes of the five top national brands of consumers with varied products as well as services classifications were released. Podcast, as well, enhanced a significant effect alongside marketing particularly the psyche to make purchases and increase a specific messaging’s recall. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

In the year 2016, the Edison Research accomplished three distinct kinds of research on PodcastOne’s behalf. The latter aimed at considering the efficiency of the podcast advertisements. Some product brands were already familiar, but they had certain new components that were yet to be disclosed. The rest of the names were not known yet, and the requirement was to enhance their publicity. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Twitter

Remarkably, the survey was carried out before the advertisement by podcast then the commercials ran for a length of time between four and six weeks. Another study was done after similarly as the one done earlier.

The indication of the latter was that the audiences positively took in the messages of the brand which resulted in an increased consideration as well as the willingness to make purchases of the product brands.

According to Norman Pattiz, he was personally very eager to see the effect that would come from the implementation of the podcast advertisement alongside the brands’ marketing.

As per the results, it indicated a substantial effect on the various fundamental measures. By considering the studies before and after advertisement, the conclusion can be drawn that it is an important channel of publication.

Additionally, the famous Bill Clinton was fond of him, and it is for the reason that he enhanced his appointment to offer services as the United States’ Broadcasting Panel of Governors. It is for due to his hard work that he has contributed tremendously to the roles that he partakes.

This is what contributed to him turning out to be the winner of the Giant of Broadcasting Award from the Library of the American Broadcasting.