Communication has always been a key factor in human existence but when the subject or information being communicated is sensitive and or confidential, then privacy becomes a necessity rather than a need. Securus technologies provides privacy and convenience when it comes to phone services.Being an inmate does not necessarily mean that you are a bad person nor does it mean that you should be isolated from the rest of the world while in jail or when you have been released.


Connecting inmates with their families and friends is one thing that I will forever be grateful to Securus Technologies. My brother was incarcerated at a correctional facility in Georgia. It was hectic and financially consuming for me and the rest of the family visiting him every month because we stayed a state away.


When I discovered Securus phone services, it became easier to communicate with my brother on a daily basis. Securus offers a variety of phone services in which I could choose one which I was comfortable with. I opted for the Traditional Collect whereby my brother would call me from the correctional facility and the bill would be included on my monthly telephone bill. This was convenient and helpful for all of us because my brother had no money to make calls while in jail. It was also possible for my brother to call his attorney directly using this plan. It is through this communications that they built a case leading towards my brother’s release.


Also through Securus technologies, it is possible and easy to send funds to inmates. Securus have really revolutionized the correctional system in the US and ensured the inmates have the best living conditions and that their rights are respected and protected as they are being rehabilitated before being eased back to the society.


Through Securus Technologies, it has been possible to show our brother love and make him feel part of the day to day life of our family. Through Anywhere Visit, a video program provided by Securus Technologies, we were able to stream live my graduation ceremony to my brother in the facility. Thanks to Securus Technologies, they ensured that no physical separation would prevent my whole family being at my graduation ceremony. On the last visit before my brother was released he observed, ‘It was not really bad, Securus made sure there was home away from home.’ I could not agree more. Thank you Securus Technologies.