Larkin & Lacey

Who will help organizations that struggle for the plights of LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants, free speech and Hispanics?  The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is your answer. It is the offspring of a $3.7 million settlement given to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey following threats that they received for publishing their opinions about the local government in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Anti Defamation League is a Jewish themed, pro-Israel organization. It keeps track of hate symbols that are used, and you can find those symbols on a free database that they keep on their website. Most of the hate symbols have to do with white-supremacist or white-themed organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union, or the ACLU, is an organization that struggles for the plight of people’s constitutional rights. Unlike some other organizations, the ACLU will defend organizations that are thought of as “hateful,” as long as those organizations are genuinely having their constitutional rights broken.

Black Lives Matter is an organization centered around the plight of Black people in America, though the movement has grown world-wide. What makes Back Lives Matter different from past movements for Black liberation is that attention is put on groups that have been historically ignored and marginalized in such movements. Importance is placed on the priority that cis-gender Black men are not the only ones having their concerns heard and are not the only ones taking credit.

Unidos Us is an organization that advocates for recognition and respect for Hispanic people. It was formerly called the National Council of La Raza, though in 2017 they changed their name.

Lacey and Larkin advance their plight by various means. For example, they take part in community outreach and get involved in public policy work. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

EURO is an organization that claims to advocate for the human rights and interests of people of European descent. Headquartered in Louisiana, it takes on issues that affect people of European descent, such as discrimination and forced institutions that go against their cultural interests.

Trans Queer Pueblo is an organization based in Arizona that exists with the mission to give LGBTQ+ people of color respected voices in their communities.

Despite the fact that colored people are well aware of a collective history of being discriminated against, within their communities there is discrimination against gender identities and sexualities that deviate against norms.

Femen is a radical feminist group that uses “sextremism” to get the their point across. Sextremism is the act of protesting with bare breasts showing and putting on over the top, sometimes sexual themed protests.

Lacey and Larkin believe that the female body represents the truth and that it is a weapon against patriarchal values.


Communication has always been a key factor in human existence but when the subject or information being communicated is sensitive and or confidential, then privacy becomes a necessity rather than a need. Securus technologies provides privacy and convenience when it comes to phone services.Being an inmate does not necessarily mean that you are a bad person nor does it mean that you should be isolated from the rest of the world while in jail or when you have been released.


Connecting inmates with their families and friends is one thing that I will forever be grateful to Securus Technologies. My brother was incarcerated at a correctional facility in Georgia. It was hectic and financially consuming for me and the rest of the family visiting him every month because we stayed a state away.


When I discovered Securus phone services, it became easier to communicate with my brother on a daily basis. Securus offers a variety of phone services in which I could choose one which I was comfortable with. I opted for the Traditional Collect whereby my brother would call me from the correctional facility and the bill would be included on my monthly telephone bill. This was convenient and helpful for all of us because my brother had no money to make calls while in jail. It was also possible for my brother to call his attorney directly using this plan. It is through this communications that they built a case leading towards my brother’s release.


Also through Securus technologies, it is possible and easy to send funds to inmates. Securus have really revolutionized the correctional system in the US and ensured the inmates have the best living conditions and that their rights are respected and protected as they are being rehabilitated before being eased back to the society.


Through Securus Technologies, it has been possible to show our brother love and make him feel part of the day to day life of our family. Through Anywhere Visit, a video program provided by Securus Technologies, we were able to stream live my graduation ceremony to my brother in the facility. Thanks to Securus Technologies, they ensured that no physical separation would prevent my whole family being at my graduation ceremony. On the last visit before my brother was released he observed, ‘It was not really bad, Securus made sure there was home away from home.’ I could not agree more. Thank you Securus Technologies.

UKV PLC – Ordering Wine Online Made Easy

People who are wine enthusiasts are always looking for a place to buy some of the finest wines of the world at a moderate price. It is where the UKV PLC comes in. The UKV PLC is a the United Kingdom based online wine retailer that sources wine from across the globe and provides a broad range of wines to the wine connoisseurs, starting from French wines to vintage wines, rare wines, and more.

The primary aim of UKV PLC is to ensure that the wine enthusiasts get all that they are looking for at one place without having to look all around. As it is a licensed and approved wine retailer, the customers can be sure of a fair price at all times, and for the clients who are well aware of the market pricing, it won’t take long to notice that the prices of wines at UKV PLC are generally much lesser than what you are charged at the wine shops.

The best part is that UKV PLC has in-house wine consultants who would make sure that you get the answers you are looking for regarding wines. Often the wine buyers are seeking to buy wines to add to their collection and sometimes even for re-selling purposes. Irrespective of whether you want to buy wine to sell or for your personal use, rest assured that the wine consultants at UKV PLC can provide you with the answers you are looking for to select the best wine as per your taste palette and budget. As an independent wine merchant, UKV PLC doesn’t rely on one single supply line and therefore, have a wide variety of wines available from across the globe.

Whether the customer is looking for one bottle of wine or in bulk, rest assured that UKV PLC would be able to deliver. It is primarily because UKV PLC is one of the biggest stockists of wines in the United Kingdom, and have advanced wine warehouses that keep wines in a temperature controlled conditions to retain its taste. UKV PLC also offers the luxury of buying wines of their choice from the comfort of their home with fast shipping and delivery service.

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The Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman J. Pattiz

Norman Pattiz refers to the Executive Chairperson of the PodcastOne. He has been exercising the role in the company since the June of the year 2016 up to date. Before this, he served at the same company as the Chief Executive Officer. His fame is broadly alongside turning out to be the owner as well as the founder of Westwood One Inc. whose establishment happened in 1974 with him being its CEO.

Norman also occupied the presidential position at the Broadcast Education Board. At the moment, he has connections to the 7-panel member occupations in seven groups in five different industrial firms.

The outcomes of the five top national brands of consumers with varied products as well as services classifications were released. Podcast, as well, enhanced a significant effect alongside marketing particularly the psyche to make purchases and increase a specific messaging’s recall. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

In the year 2016, the Edison Research accomplished three distinct kinds of research on PodcastOne’s behalf. The latter aimed at considering the efficiency of the podcast advertisements. Some product brands were already familiar, but they had certain new components that were yet to be disclosed. The rest of the names were not known yet, and the requirement was to enhance their publicity. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Twitter

Remarkably, the survey was carried out before the advertisement by podcast then the commercials ran for a length of time between four and six weeks. Another study was done after similarly as the one done earlier.

The indication of the latter was that the audiences positively took in the messages of the brand which resulted in an increased consideration as well as the willingness to make purchases of the product brands.

According to Norman Pattiz, he was personally very eager to see the effect that would come from the implementation of the podcast advertisement alongside the brands’ marketing.

As per the results, it indicated a substantial effect on the various fundamental measures. By considering the studies before and after advertisement, the conclusion can be drawn that it is an important channel of publication.

Additionally, the famous Bill Clinton was fond of him, and it is for the reason that he enhanced his appointment to offer services as the United States’ Broadcasting Panel of Governors. It is for due to his hard work that he has contributed tremendously to the roles that he partakes.

This is what contributed to him turning out to be the winner of the Giant of Broadcasting Award from the Library of the American Broadcasting.

Arthur Becker’s Wild Investment Career

The New York City real estate market has almost always been booming and it is thanks to people like Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker established his New York based real estate investment firm, Madison Partners, back in 2011 and since then he has been working hard to make himself into one of the top investors in the city. According to, Becker currently has his fingers in on a variety of different projects around the city and he is working hard to leave his mark on all of them. Let’s dig into Becker’s curious rise through the real estate industry.

Arthur Becker got his first taste of the real estate industry by working as a quiet backer for a variety of the bigger real estate companies in the city, reveals NY Daily News. A quiet backer is someone who brings funding to a project in exchange for a slice of the profits once the project is completed. Becker has worked on the famous Billionaires Row development located at 111 W 57th Street as well as the large luxury condo building located on Sullivan Street. Along the way Becker has worked with Madison Equities, Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. Working with these individuals to get his start in the industry has been the key to establishing smart business practices in an industry that can really be tough for newcomers to break into.

Of course, Arthur Becker hasn’t been beholden to the real estate industry. He initially made his fortune by way of selling tech companies while working as a stockbroker. From there Becker would parlay his fortune into a variety of different investments all around the globe and in a variety of different industries. Among those industries we would see Becker dive into custom inventions (Bnox custom binoculars) as well as ancient foreign currencies from all over Africa. Becker has always been fond of these industries and that is why he chose to invest within them. Becker knows that the key to success as an investor is spreading your work around and focusing on what you are passionate about. Real estate is just his latest approach and one that seems to be working effectively.

Karl Heideck And His Law Practice

Karl Heideck and his legal practice
Karl Heideck and his legal practice

Karl Heideck is one of the finest lawyers in all of Philadelphia, and he works quite hard on a number of cases every day with his team of attorneys. Attorneys who are a part of his cases often litigate some of the most-important cases in the community. This article explains how Karl and his team help people make changes to the way they run their businesses or personal lives.

#1: Compliance And Risk Management

There are many compliance and risk management problems that will come to light for businesses, and they must have a lawyer in the room who knows how the law reads. Karl Heideck is a counselor who will help his clients learn what the law says about their plans for the future. Someone who is running a business must have a lawyer on retainer who will help them, and these lawyers will give advice that is needed quite a lot.

#2: Trying Rights Cases

Rights cases in the business world are a large part of what Karl Heideck does, and he knows that his clients often have the right to develop and grow their companies, and he will help them ensure that they have developed in the proper manner. He believes in the rights of his clients, and he will argue for them to develop the right way. Businesses are often accused of things they have not done, and Karl helps these companies make light of their situation.

#3: How Long Do Cases Last?

Karl spends quite a lot of time to ensure that all his clients are given the finest representation possible, and these companies have their stories told in a way that helps them grow. Karl Heideck is a man who ensures that all his clients are given what they deserve, and they have someone in their corner who will represent them.Karl Heideck is known for helping people with their businesses and growth. He knows how to help companies remain compliant with the law, and he is helping a number of people who want to keep their companies safe and complaint with local laws. Learn More.

Nathenial Ru and his career path

Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends were having a bit of trouble, finding fun and easy; yet healthy places to eat, during their senior year at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. From there the idea came to them that they may find the answer in a 560 square-foot tavern on M street that was located right in the middle of downtown. Nathaniel Ru finally went on to become one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen’s, a high end salad chain. The food chain ,which is backed by investors such as Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer, is a big hit in today’s food scene serving healthy, fresh, and organic food and is also serving locally which is a plus to customers. Around 30% of the income/transactions that Sweetgreen’s does are done over their website and their mobile app. The co-founders are currently rethinking all of their management strategies that they had. The  does a thing five times a year where they like to shut the corporate doors, that way everyone has a chance to work in their restaurants. The company is trying to grow internationally as they have just opened a new office in Los Angeles. Nathaniel Ru and his co CEOs, met at Georgetown University during an entrepreneurship class. Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman all are co-founders of Sweetgreens and come from parents who all owned their own companies. In 2007, a little after graduating from college, Nathaniel, Nicolas and Jonathan decided to put all their focus into opening their very first restaurant. In 2014 the three told Focus that they could thrive as a business after winter break, as the college campus started to clear out as all the students left campus for vacation. Sweetgreens is known to have 64 stores in operation in the United states, as of October 2016. The restaurant provides a seasonal menu that switches five times a year. The co-founders got their initial start up money of $375,00 from investorsbut primarily from their parents. Sweetgreen’s is off to a great start and only hoping to grow more. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos: The Educational Leader America Needs

Betsy DeVos is someone who works extremely hard for the betterment of the American. She is an active supporter of the school systems in the country and someone who is working hard for change. Since the start of her career, she has been working towards improving the education system and has brought to life numerous ideas that have benefited the society. DeVos believes that education is one of the standing points of the country and improving the school system can help the community and its development immensely. Now, as the school minister of the state, she can bring more of her ideas to the American public to improve the system.

Betsy was elected to the position of Education Minister after one of the most controversial votes in the house of congress. She and the other candidate both received an equal amount of votes, which is why a record-breaking tie-breaker vote was called in, and Betsy was declared the New education minister of the country.

One of the reasons why DeVos is known throughout the education reforms community is owing to the numerous movements that she has been part of. She was at the forefront of the school charter movement. According to the demands put forth by the leaders of this movement, private owners should be given the right to open up schools and run them just like their businesses. The argument was that for the children in the country to receive a higher standard of education, reforms must be made to the infrastructure that is given to them. However, public schools could not afford this, and therefore it became essential to hand the right to start schools over to private owners. The movement received widespread praise and support, making DeVos a well-known name. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Another idea that DeVos wanted to put forth was the grading system, not for students, but for the schools themselves. Betsy DeVos held that a lot of times parents send their children to sub-par schools because they aren’t sure about the quality of schools that they are sending their child to, and how would they, considering that there isn’t a system in place that grades schools based on their performance. DeVos wanted to make schools all over the country undergo an assessment which determines how good or bad they are. The evaluation grades them the same way that they grade students, which helps parents to make their decisions regarding the schools even easier.

DeVos’ passion for education extends beyond her job, and into the numerous philanthropic endeavors that she embarks on. She, along with her husband founded the DeVos Family Foundation which is an organization that helps people who are in need and provides better educational opportunities to students who deserve them.

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How Officers Find Drugs in Prison Utilizing Securus Technologies

Drugs in the prison can be especially problematic for corrections officers because they simply add another element to an already dangerous job. If the officers are not paying close attention every second they are on the job, the inmates can make things dangerous in the blink of an eye. An already troublesome inmate is ten times harder to contain if they are on drugs, so we have to use every resource possible to keep the drugs out of the prison.


My team of corrections officers begin this quest to find illegal drugs by searching visitors, or basically anyone that can come in and out of the jail. These inmates will often make demands of family or friends to get them the contraband they need, even if it means putting their own freedom on the line to try and smuggle something through security. Gang members especially will order street members to get drugs into the jail any way possible, and jail to these soldiers is like a badge of honor.


Our prison was the first in the area to get the new Securus Technologies inmate call system installed, and we were instantly given a new resource that can help with drugs in the prison. My team needed to be trained on the LBS software, but once we completed the training, it was like we were able to see the inmates in a whole new light.


The Securus Technologies phone system allows me and my fellow officers to not only listen to every conversation the inmates have, we can be alerted to specific chatter. This month we used the call system to learn about drug deliveries in the visitor center, inmates using drugs in the cell at night, and certain inmates who were forcing others to sell drugs to kick up to the higher-ranking inmates.


A Review Of The Effective Leadership Of Rick Shinto At InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto is the brain behind the superior reputation of InnovaCare Health, a provider of Medicare Advantage Plans and physician services. The company’s success is a reflection of the visionary leadership offered by Rick Shinto, the CEO of the corporation. Rick has the ability to drive vision as well as motivate and guide the rest of his team to work towards a common goal. Rick Shinto has enhanced transparency among the team members. To this end, the team has played a significant role in helping the company to provide quality healthcare services to the public. InnovaCare Health operates two crucial entities, which are PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc. Through these affiliates, InnovaCare offers quality health care programs that seeks to advances the health of their clients. Read more about Rick at PHP PG ADS

Dr. Rich Shinto served as the chief medical officer of NAMM, California. He also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer. The executive was the vice president of medical management and chief medical officer of Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County. He enrolled in the University of Redlands where he pursued his MBA. He holds a medical degree from the celebrated State University of New York. Rick graduated with a BS from the renowned University of California. The health expert has published various works on clinical medicine. He works hard to improve the lives of people by ensuring that they can access the most affordable healthcare services. Rick works closely with Penelope Kokkinides. She has a strong medical background. Penelope has extensive skills in developing clinical programs. She has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Previously, Penelope rendered her services for Aveta Inc.

Rick Shinto joined the company together with Penelope Kokkinides, who is the company’s chief operating officer. These leaders have played a pivotal role in ensuring that Puerto Ricans access quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Their transformative leadership has resulted in an increasing number of clients enlisting for InnovaCare’s services. Customer satisfaction is ingrained in the corporate culture of InnovaCare. Both MMM and PMC are accredited by NCQA. Rick Shinto has vast leadership experience because of managing different corporations within the healthcare industry. Previously, he worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. Within a year of working for the company, Rick was honored with the revered Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award seeks to recognize excellence in the service category. It also honors entrepreneurs who stand out in innovation, financial performance and support to community. Learn more about Rick on

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