Evolution Of Smooth Has Created A Loyal Fan Base

A rather new company in the lip balm industry has managed to surpass the sales of the industry giant Chapstick. Chapstick dominated the market for over a decade. Only seven years ago, a startup named Evolution Of Smooth arrived on the scene and managed to change the landscape of the market and take the number two position. Evolution Of Smooth is only surpassed by Burt’s Bees. When the founders of the company were coming up with marketing ideas, they knew that they had to have a unique concept as well as offer a superior product with much to offer. They decided that the packaging would be part of the key to success. They wanted to take a different approach and decided on a round flip top container rather than the traditional tube shape. The strategy really helped make EOS lip balm products stand out. Next, they knew that they needed to provide great flavors to lure customers to buy their products.

Evolution Of Smooth has become a staple product of most retail stores such as Target, Walmart and even on Costco. They have even become popular in countries all around the world. They are projecting to see sales over $1 billion by the year 2020. The business is continuing to grow not only because of the quality, but because no other company offers so many unique flavors. They have flavors such as summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew to entice their customers. Thier clever marketing and variety of flavors created a buzz among celebrities, which in turn created more of a demand with their fans. Evolution Of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is a success story that is continuing to unfold and grow.


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