Betsy DeVos: The Educational Leader America Needs

Betsy DeVos is someone who works extremely hard for the betterment of the American. She is an active supporter of the school systems in the country and someone who is working hard for change. Since the start of her career, she has been working towards improving the education system and has brought to life numerous ideas that have benefited the society. DeVos believes that education is one of the standing points of the country and improving the school system can help the community and its development immensely. Now, as the school minister of the state, she can bring more of her ideas to the American public to improve the system.

Betsy was elected to the position of Education Minister after one of the most controversial votes in the house of congress. She and the other candidate both received an equal amount of votes, which is why a record-breaking tie-breaker vote was called in, and Betsy was declared the New education minister of the country.

One of the reasons why DeVos is known throughout the education reforms community is owing to the numerous movements that she has been part of. She was at the forefront of the school charter movement. According to the demands put forth by the leaders of this movement, private owners should be given the right to open up schools and run them just like their businesses. The argument was that for the children in the country to receive a higher standard of education, reforms must be made to the infrastructure that is given to them. However, public schools could not afford this, and therefore it became essential to hand the right to start schools over to private owners. The movement received widespread praise and support, making DeVos a well-known name. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Another idea that DeVos wanted to put forth was the grading system, not for students, but for the schools themselves. Betsy DeVos held that a lot of times parents send their children to sub-par schools because they aren’t sure about the quality of schools that they are sending their child to, and how would they, considering that there isn’t a system in place that grades schools based on their performance. DeVos wanted to make schools all over the country undergo an assessment which determines how good or bad they are. The evaluation grades them the same way that they grade students, which helps parents to make their decisions regarding the schools even easier.

DeVos’ passion for education extends beyond her job, and into the numerous philanthropic endeavors that she embarks on. She, along with her husband founded the DeVos Family Foundation which is an organization that helps people who are in need and provides better educational opportunities to students who deserve them.

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