Arthur Becker’s Wild Investment Career

The New York City real estate market has almost always been booming and it is thanks to people like Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker established his New York based real estate investment firm, Madison Partners, back in 2011 and since then he has been working hard to make himself into one of the top investors in the city. According to, Becker currently has his fingers in on a variety of different projects around the city and he is working hard to leave his mark on all of them. Let’s dig into Becker’s curious rise through the real estate industry.

Arthur Becker got his first taste of the real estate industry by working as a quiet backer for a variety of the bigger real estate companies in the city, reveals NY Daily News. A quiet backer is someone who brings funding to a project in exchange for a slice of the profits once the project is completed. Becker has worked on the famous Billionaires Row development located at 111 W 57th Street as well as the large luxury condo building located on Sullivan Street. Along the way Becker has worked with Madison Equities, Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. Working with these individuals to get his start in the industry has been the key to establishing smart business practices in an industry that can really be tough for newcomers to break into.

Of course, Arthur Becker hasn’t been beholden to the real estate industry. He initially made his fortune by way of selling tech companies while working as a stockbroker. From there Becker would parlay his fortune into a variety of different investments all around the globe and in a variety of different industries. Among those industries we would see Becker dive into custom inventions (Bnox custom binoculars) as well as ancient foreign currencies from all over Africa. Becker has always been fond of these industries and that is why he chose to invest within them. Becker knows that the key to success as an investor is spreading your work around and focusing on what you are passionate about. Real estate is just his latest approach and one that seems to be working effectively.