A Study Published On Oncotarget Finds That E-cigarettes Can Harm Gum Tissues

A study, which was conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center, found that electronic cigarettes are damaging gums and teeth equally as conventional cigarettes. The study is the first to address the effects of e-cigarettes on oral health. It was published in Oncotarget. Irfan Rahman, a professor of environmental medicine at the celebrated UR School of Medicine and Dentistry was the lead researcher.

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Electronic cigarettes’ popularity continues to grow among young adults and other smokers who believe that it is a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes. Previously, scientists believed that chemicals present in cigarettes were the main causes of the adverse health effects on the body. However, the evolving scientific data, including this research, suggest otherwise.

Rahman noted that after vapors from e-cigarettes are burned, they makes the cells to release inflammatory proteins that increase stress within the cells, thus damaging them and causing many oral diseases. Last year, Rahman published a study about the negative effects of e-cigarette vapors as well as flavorings on lung cells. The extent of the destruction to the oral cavity depends on how much and how an individual is smoking e-cigarettes.

In addition, Eastman Institute’s post-doctoral student, Fawad Javed, contributed to the study. According to Javad, they learned that the extent of damage caused by the flavorings varies. He noted that it was vital to remember that e-cigarettes have nicotine, an ingredient that is widely acknowledged as a leading cause of gum disease.

Rahman said that more study needs to be undertaken to enable the public to understand the health effects of e-cigarettes. He would like to see manufacturers reveal all the materials, including chemicals that they use to develop their e-cigarettes. This way, consumers will be more aware of the potential dangers of these products. The National Institutes of Health financed the study.

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