Kevin Seawright: Building in Baltimore

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”, a quote from American scholar Warren Bennis, one of the pioneers of the modern field of leadership studies. This old adage drapes around the shoulders of financial professional and community leader Kevin Seawright like Superman’s red cape.

Seawright’s resume includes accounting and project management, local government, real estate development but most importantly education and affordable housing. Currently Kevin Seawright is the Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) in Newark, New Jersey. The goal of the company is simply to encourage business growth. Enhancing small to mid-sized businesses and minority run businesses in the city of Newark along with providing loans to entrepreneurs naturally leads to community prosperity and rousing financial stability. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

The persistant positive attitude with an ability to adapt to challenging situations makes Seawright the ideal champion for Newark CEDC’s ambitions of working to improve the community.

In an interview with Worldclass magazine, Seawright discusses how all of his life experiences, especially his upbringing, contributed to his ongoing success in his endeavors to beautify the diverse community in Newark. One of the most inspiring projects from Seawright is the affordable housing project that he and RPS Solutions LLC initiated. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Together with the help of the Baltimore city residents they seek to increase the current home-ownership rate. By facilitating home ownership Seawright and RPS Solutions encourage neighborhood stability and good economic standing in the city of Baltimore, fostering relationships between mortgage lenders and individuals looking to buy.

Kevin Seawright’s Twitter account highlights his dedication to his work, accompanied by articles that he has found helpful in his ever growing education in business. His account is also sprinkled with his love of sports, examples of how teamwork, determination and ambition lead to victory.

The Life of One of Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Supporters

Not every American Citizen knows who was the truest supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Elections. In a world where the Citizens United rule is the strongest decisive factor in an electoral battle, George Soros and his $25 million funding of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was one of the most influential forces that almost led the candidate to win the Presidential elections.

George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, ranked by Forbes as the 22nd wealthiest businessperson. The man is a very prominent figure in elections all over the world, as he uses his superior monetary condition to try and change the course of many elections for the best. He has contributed in supporting campaigns globally in more than twenty different countries. For the U.S., George Soros was last seen trying to defeat the candidacy of President George W. Bush, in 2004, with an investment of $27 million. He was not seen in the American politics since then but has made a great reappearance in 2016. Read more about George at Washington Times.

Soros understands his duty as one of the wealthiest people. He has the power to change the course of many major political decisions, and the money to invest in many benefic projects that could help the country achieve a better future. According to some political researchers, Hillary had a significant upside against the opposing team of Donald Trump, because Soros had so much potential that they could catalyze all the other financiers of the other team.

With a net worth of $25.2 billion and still growing exponentially, George Soros has a very impressive story of triumph and is considered by many researchers to be one of the most successful investors in the world up to date.

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Born in Hungary in a family of reasonable conditions, he was born in a Jewish family, on August 12, 1930.

George Soros saw very intimately the horrors of the Nazi army when they advanced their territory and conquered most of Hungary, including Budapest. As a kid, he saw his family become a target of rebuke, censure, and constant humiliation. Jewish kids couldn’t even attend schools anymore, and Soros knew that he had to travel and get out of that reality so he could study and invest in his future. His parents knew it as well, but before he could immigrate to England, which he would do in 1947, he experienced and survived the horrors of the Siege of Budapest.

When the young man arrived in England, he attended the London School of Economics, from where he would graduate later, but he would still earn a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and a Master of Science in the same subject in the next seven years to come.

Nowadays, the financial investor and magnate is also a philanthropist at heart. He has donated to many foundations that fight for freedom of expression, something that he witnessed during his youth, and wants to make sure that it never happens again.

Part of the reason that he was such a big supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is his hate of censure and hate speech, something that he noticed in Donald Trump and wanted to combat his candidacy at all costs. Learn more about his profile at

Jason Hope Sees The Pace Of Technological Advance Accelerating

Jason Hope is the Arizona internet entrepreneur perhaps best known for starting premium mobile content provider Jawa. To his credit, Hope also has a long list of other successful startups ranging from SEO firms to mobile app development companies. This long list of success in the internet entrepreneurial space has allowed Hope to gain a national reputation as a sort of guru on the implications of future technologies.

Hope has recently leveraged this reputation as a keen observer of technological trends and taken to the internet, writing for a series of blogs and tech websites about the implications of the new technologies that are broadly encompassed by the term Internet of Things. Hope believes that these technologies have the potential to radically transform the daily lives of every American currently alive.

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But Hope is also cautious. He notes that, historically, at least in the second half of the 20th century, the technologies of the future that were predicted in the 1950s and 1960s largely failed to materialize. With the exception of the personal computer, most things in the year 2010 are not substantially different from the way they were in the year 1960.

As an example of this, says Jason Hope, the jet aircraft of the 1960s were often times actually faster than those of today. This is a surprising fact when one stops to really think about it. A Boeing 707 was capable of traveling at transonic speeds on a sustained basis. This is also true for other aircraft such as a Convair 880. What this often meant was that in 1960, a trip from New York to Los Angeles actually took about a half hour less time then the same trip takes in 2017.

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Norman Pattiz’s Firm, PodcastOne, Proves Its Effectiveness in Recent Studies

Over the last six months of 2016, PodcastOne contracted Edison Research to carry out three different types of research on how people reacted to a particular brand before and after podcast advertising.

The research was conducted on five biggest consumer brands across five products and services, with some being well-known and others looking to creating awareness. The advertisements were run for 4 to 6 weeks for each brand and were subjected to the same method.

The Results

The results that were announced by Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne and Tom Webster of Edison Research showed that podcast advertising created a positive impact on these brands. One certain grocery product showed that 7 percent of listeners were aware of it before the advertisement. The audience rose to more than 60 percent after the advertisement.

All products and services studied showed an increase in the audience by a bigger margin after the podcast advertising. A financial service rose by 47 percent, an automobile aftermarket product by 37 percent, with over a third terming them favorable.

A lawn and garden product rose by 24 percent, with 22 percent noting that they would very likely use the product. Those who knew the existence of an advert rose by 60 percent for an automobile aftermarket product and by 76 percent for a casual dining restaurant.

The Partnership

Commenting on the studies, PodcastOne’s executive chair, Norman Pattiz, noted that they were intended to confirm how well podcasts works as compared to the conventional ways of advertising.

It also cemented the appropriateness of the approach that integrates advertising and measurement. Edison Research’s strategy VP noted the firm’s excitement to work with PodcastOne in delivering the positive results.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is a podcast advertising firm owned by Norman Pattiz. The firm is one of the leading in this industry with more than 200 podcasts with a large following.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is one of the top research firms in the podcasts arena. The firm has provided its services to a wide clientele that includes major communication companies and radio networks, such as Pandora, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Samsung, and CBS Radio. It also provides the National Election Pool with election exit poll data.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz boasts more than 40 years’ experience in the broadcasting industry. He is the founder of a radio network Westwood One, PodcastOne, and Courtside Entertainment Group.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz serves on the United States’ BBG, and he is the Chairman for the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories among other roles. He has also won the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

Evolution Of Smooth Has Created A Loyal Fan Base

A rather new company in the lip balm industry has managed to surpass the sales of the industry giant Chapstick. Chapstick dominated the market for over a decade. Only seven years ago, a startup named Evolution Of Smooth arrived on the scene and managed to change the landscape of the market and take the number two position. Evolution Of Smooth is only surpassed by Burt’s Bees. When the founders of the company were coming up with marketing ideas, they knew that they had to have a unique concept as well as offer a superior product with much to offer. They decided that the packaging would be part of the key to success. They wanted to take a different approach and decided on a round flip top container rather than the traditional tube shape. The strategy really helped make EOS lip balm products stand out. Next, they knew that they needed to provide great flavors to lure customers to buy their products.

Evolution Of Smooth has become a staple product of most retail stores such as Target, Walmart and even on Costco. They have even become popular in countries all around the world. They are projecting to see sales over $1 billion by the year 2020. The business is continuing to grow not only because of the quality, but because no other company offers so many unique flavors. They have flavors such as summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew to entice their customers. Thier clever marketing and variety of flavors created a buzz among celebrities, which in turn created more of a demand with their fans. Evolution Of Smooth ( is a success story that is continuing to unfold and grow.

The Impressive Response To The Technology Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has published numerous facility customer comments regarding their use of technology to both prevent and solve crimes. These comments were in the form of emails and formal letters received from officials in the prisons and jails. Letters were also received from the individuals who job it is to solve crimes and increase the safety in the incarceration environment.


The letter that touched me the most involved Securus Technologies using technology to get information from the prisons phone system. There was a member of staff that was corrupt and that is scary. They were able to find and arrest him by getting a search warrant by using the phone records. Apparently he had introduced contraband into the system but thanks to Securus he was caught. I feel better knowing justice was served. This specific letter simply wanted to express their thanks and that was nice.


Another communication talked about how the monitoring of information led officials to drug selling, inmate alcohol usage, threats, illegal cell phones and suspicious conversations. I guess I never really though about what happened in prison but it is reassuring to know the situations that occur and being well handled. It amazes me that shots can be fired in a prison or that civilians try to sell prescription drugs.


Securus Technologies uses an LBS software. When this is combined with the resources available to law enforcement agencies it has led to millions of dollars in illegal assets such as money and drugs being recovered. I realize law enforcement has been doing a good job and probably long before there was a Securus Technologies. I do think their job is much easier now because Securus has brought modern technology into the situations that needed to be controlled. I am also certain that many people sleep better at night knowing they are there to help.

Todd Lubar: A Man Of Quality Lending In Residential Sector

Todd Lubar is an acclaimed real-estate industry player based in Baltimore, and many borrowers in and around Baltimore has made use of his services to make their dream home come true. He understands the mortgage industry better than anyone else considering his long years of experience in the industry and deep exposures to various industry procedures and market trends. Considering the recent wake of real estate sector in Baltimore, he is ready to help with the customers with the best solutions available in the market.

According to About.Me, Todd started his real estate career after graduating from Syracuse University in speech communication in 1995. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a Loan Originator, and during the period, he learned the various procedures and complexities of mortgage lending. He made an excellent rapport with financial planners, CPAs, real estate agents, and insurance agents and currently, they serve as the best source of his referrals. In 1999, he joined Legacy Financial Group as Equity Manager, which helped him to expand his knowledge base further. With the expertise in the lending sector, he could supply broker loans outside lenders and sold loans like a mortgage bank.

After few years, he founded Legendary Properties, LLC., a residential property firm to provide high-quality housing from single family unit to 20 unit properties. It also focused on purchasing, renovating, and selling with better value. The period also helped Todd to understand the deeply about the construction sectors and residential market. With that knowledge, he opened Charter Funding as a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. During the course, Todd learned that there was a group of deserving people, who couldn’t get mortgage loans in the conventional methods. To serve them, he decided to set up Legendary Financial, LLC, as an affiliate to Legendary Properties. Through the firm, he lends to various individuals and firms who are overlooked by conventional lenders. With his deep knowledge in lending sector, he could easily find the deserving borrowers. By 2008, he diversified his services further to demolition business and scrap metal recycling.

Todd is currently serving as the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. He is also working as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. He remarkably helped the Maryland Office of Legacy Financial to grow to several million dollars loans in every year during the tenure he worked there. He was also ranked by crunchbase as one of top 25 mortgage loan originators in the country for many years. His experience and expertise in various industries have helped him to understand various risk factors associated with it, and that helps him to excel in any industry.

Construcap the Leading Brazilian Real Estate Firm

Construcap is one of the top ten largest Brazilian construction firms founded in 1944. The company ensures there is a commitment to its customers. Roberto Ribeiro Capobianco heads Constracap as the President of the enterprise. Construcap specializes in comprehensive construction services to its customers that include commercial buildings, industrial buildings, sanitation, road, railway, and airport infrastructure. Their clients are of three categories, namely; private entities, government departments and individuals. People contract the firm to construct residential apartments, housing complexes, and condominiums. Private entities on contract the company for the construction of garages, parking lots, offices, medical clinics and hospitals, educational institutions, commercial garallies and shopping centers. The government departments contract them to build a station for trains and subways, multi-sport gyms, sports courts and stadiums, sports and recreational areas.

Due to the quality services delivered to its clients, Construcap received an award in 2015 the ENR Global Awards 2015 from the Engineering News Record Magazine. Currently, the company has enormously expanded to services like the demolition of buildings and other structure, drilling and boring, electrical installations and maintenance, hydraulic and gas installations.

Cyrela Brazil Reality is the top finest real estate firm in Brazil regarding revenue and market value on YouTube. The company was founded by Elie Horn in 1962 with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s two co-Chief Executive Officers are Raphael Horn and Efraim Horn. The company has expanded its wings to the extent of operating 16 states and 64 cities in Brazil. The business success is through the firm’s quality and reliable services brought about by real leadership.

Brazilian leading industries are the Real Estate Industries having grown tremendously for the past years. The property in Brazil at is advantageous because of its stability when compared to other platforms of investments, leading to an overflow of foreign investment in Brazil.

The Next Rival of Amazon is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Amazon controls twenty-five percent of the online fashion market, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is changing the scene. Fabletics is considered Amazon’s next big rival. Just in three years, the company has developed itself into a successful business worth of Two-hundred-and-fifty million dollars. The reason for the success of Fabletics is reverse showroom technique and activewear. It is about combining a customer’s membership and his favorite brands for generating sales.


A few years ago, price and quality used to define high-value brands; however, the situation is different now. One needs to leave the old strategy and focus on factors like exclusive designs, amazing customer service, flashing effects, extraordinary service, and popularity. Today, Fabletics is as successful as Apple and Warby Parker due to all these factors. The company has sixteen stores in different states of the country, and another one is expected to open soon.


The General Manager of Fabletics said that the company is working on reimagined and new version of high-value brands from the beginning. According to him, the membership system of the company allows them to provide latest fashion trends and tailored services at low prices. Companies must know what their customers like to make them happy.


The major reason why other businesses are failing to succeed is not getting the interest of customers. People buy products from other places after exploring their showroom. Fabletics has used the opposite strategy. The company has made browsing a benefiting activity. It also builds the relationship with customers. To become more reliable for clients, Fabletics avoided using pop-up store. The company decided to use activities and events to understand the local markets, and the results were amazing. Fifty percent of the customers entering the Fabletics stores were members, and twenty-five percent became members during their visit. When a customer tries a clothing article, it goes into her shopping cart. Fabletics wants to keep retail separate, so customers have the choice to buy products from any place they want to.


Fabletics shows the accurate information in both digital and physical forms because customer prefers a company that provides them the correction information. As tastes and trends keep changing, the digital information helps to decide what items to keep at the stores. Fabletics use sources like heat-mapping, user preferences, social media, and real life sales activity to gather this information.


Fabletics gets excellent reviews from its customers. Teri Hutcheon is a blogger and customer of Fabletics. She enjoys being a customer of Fabletics. On becoming a member, she took a survey which asked about the types of her workout activities. She was also asked about the types of outfits she prefers. Fabletics selects an outfit for customers at the beginning of each month. The selection of the outfit is based on the information given in the survey. According to Teri, the quality is really good, and styles come in wide ranges. For just fifty dollars, one gets a really good outfit. The customer service is friendly, and the website navigation is really good.

EOS Lip Balm: A Great Choice For Moisturizing Your Lips

Have you had a problem with lip balm products? If so, then you may be happy to know that there are certain lip balm products that will not have your lips dry within a few minutes after having them applied. However, it is important for the user to know that the lip balm company that they choose is one that is truly reliable and not one that does not support the guarantee it gives to its customers.

There are a vast array of options available in the lip balm product line. However, one should choose a lip balm product that they can rely on; one that they will have assurance in knowing that it will not have their lips cracking due to being too dry within a few minutes of putting it on one’s lips. Do you not want to be able to speak without pain? Do you not want to have the ability of smiling without ripping your lips apart? Is the product that you are searching for available for you? Yes it is! EOS lip balm is a great choice and the many positive reviews that have been left in pertinence to its quality is perhaps a good enough reason for one to give it a try.

EOS Lip Balm is aware of the many companies that provide similar products not backing up their guarantees of providing a strong product. This is why they have decided to capitalize on the opportunity of making a product in the respective sector to where customers would choose what they are making as opposed to others due to its high quality. Do not allow another company to destroy the health of your lips. You deserve better as it is your hard earned money. EOS Lip Balm will not disappoint like others may. EOS products are available on leading stores such as Target and Walmart.

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